On Being Blind

On Being Blind

“What’s worse than being blind? Being able to see and still have no vision.”-Helen Keller.

One of the side effects of having Multiple Sclerosis is sight loss. It’s not defin. Most doctors will tell you that if it happens, it is permanent.

I was fortunate. I lost my sight for six months. I cannot explain what that was like. I will say it was far worse than being bedridden., I was bedridden and blind at the same time. I wasn’t 100% blind but what I could see was tantamount to nothing.

I got better at Imagining and pretending in that time. I had to use my other senses to make up for what I had lost. As this illness progressed, for a while all I had was my ears.

On pretending I learned to face people when they spoke so I could hear better. I’m almost sure that there were some that didn’t even know I couldn’t see.

Moving on, in those six months my imagination got better. Better to where if in my mind”s eye can not envision it, I wouldn’t couldn’t believe it.

This is the problem I see. Some can’t see past the nose on their face how to better their lives. They have to blame “the man”, their upbringing or their lack of know how on why they cannot elevate themselves past their current situation. They can not dream bigger than dreaming of what they will do with their income tax returns.

I know and understand that with the current economy and the lack of recognition from companies for whatever. We are not earning the income we should be earning. We are worthy of better. But if you being stuck in a situation is due to you not having the ambition or the desire to well, Consider yourself blind.


If you can see yourself doing better but that is just it, and you are an adult, you being stuck on some levels is your fault.  A friend once told me “If you do what you have done, You will get what you have always gotten.-Mark Twain


See better for you and yours. Feel free enough to dream bigger and go after what that dream is. Hone your craft. Be the best chef, writer, basketball player, singer, dancer, actress whatever it may be. Now some or most dreams require added education. If you are not willing to do the work, then that dreams you have will never come to fruition. No back door that opens will ever give you the running start you many need to keep your dreams.


There is nothing wrong with  revising your vision. Being a responsible adult If your vision cost money you must work. You must work to care for you and yours and you must work to afford to dream.

Even millionaires must work at keeping their millions. Do the research. Even if bring in others, understand that you must pay the cost to be the boss. It’s said, “You get What you pay for” so let’s not aim for cheap or free.

I still struggle to see things Weather if it due to my illness or my mental visions.  You all know me as a praying woman and that is where my God comes in. He always gives me clarity I need. That’s what works for me. I suggest you find what works for you.

Until I write again,

Maxine Brothers

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