On Seeking Peace

On Seeking Peace

Searching for peace but you can’t find it anywhere?

Try creating peace within yourself.

Have you ever heard “Your thoughts become your actions.”? For most this is true. We psych ourselves out or into some situations.

Boss calls an emergency meeting of the minds/staff. Immediately you tell yourself what it will be about, before you step into the conference room. Supposedly, because of your negative view of these types of meetings, you already have an attitude or not willing to cooperate with anything without an attitude.

Your best girlfriend/guyfriend still owes you money from last month. You ignore calls and texts because their phone calls are not about paying you back. Instead of having an attitude, Ask them for your money back or make payment arrangements.

Understand this. A real friend would pay you back when they said they would or would call you to get an extension. You determine how many times that can happen. Also that “friend” that disappears on you was just a user in disguise.

And I digress.

How you feel about people will show up every time there is an opportunity to show growth or the later.

You will never find peace if you always show up ready to show the side of you you claimed you put away

Two thoughts
1. If you can’t change the people around you, change the people around- Mahatma Gandhi.

Meaning: if the people around you don’t recognize change within you and try to change for the better then try changing the people you be around.

2. If you change nothing, then nothing changes.

If the diaper stinks and nobody takes it out it will continue to stink.
Look inside yourself and understand this, if everywhere you go there is a problem, the problem is you. You are the one that hasn’t changed and needs to cut the lights off of this room close the door and lock it. You have just freed yourself from the rubber room in insanityvile.

We all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Let’s not be insane.

Seek peace where peace needs to start. Within you. Sometimes that could mean seeking help, Mentally, Spiritually and or Physically.

Until I write again.

Maxine Brothers

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