On Loving you

On Loving you

You are your biggest enemy.


Every negative word that other people has said about you, you have already said about yourself and given others permission to say about you.

So why are you mad? 

You made it true by speaking that negativity first. Then you look around for someone to uplift you. As you know, You teach people how to treat you. So how you treat yourself is how others will see you and treat you. No one can Love or like you more than you can love or like yourself.


How to change that? Start by speaking positivity into your own spirit. Figuring out where this negativity comes from. Erase those lines. Become the reason why you smile every day. Say I can so that you will. Say I  am. So that you will be. Become your biggest cheerleader. Give yourself the respect and love that you deserve.


Remembering that no one can pull you down if you are not focused on what they are doing.  Put your hater blockers on and move on. Prove that you are no longer that person filled with self hatred.


Don’t forget to tell yourself that you Love you daily and remember to do the things for yourself that show you Love YOU.


Who you used to be is not important if you have left those bad behaviors behind so there is no need to speak on it.


Ok, I will stop rambling. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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