Depression Hurts

Depression Hurts


Depression hurts


What hurts worse than depression? When people cannot try and understand your depression or when someone cannot  try to understand what the cause of your depression is. 

The worse thing someone could do is try to belittle your depression or tell you how to get over being depressed.  I am a praying woman. I will tell you,  You cannot pray depression away.

Some forms of depression takes medication and or Cognitive therapy. Getting help is not as easy as it sounds.

1st Step admitting you need help.

2nd Build you a support system. *sn Anyone that tells you not to get help is not your support.

3rd Research the help that’s in your area.

4th Plan to be in for the long haul.

5th Don’t let whatever Stigma get to you.

Your mental health is your responsibility. I can’t say when it will stop hurting but being in the driver seat of your mental health will begin to feel a lot better.

Well that’s all that I have for today.


Until I write again,

Maxine Brothers


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