New Years

New Years


It’s that time again!!!


The time when we make resolutions. We resolve to lose weight, be a better person, make amends for last years unnecessary or pay our bills on time. Whatever it may be, those resolutions are the same ones we make every year, that never seem to come to fruition.


How about, resolving to leave bitterness behind?

How about resolving to being truly unconcerned with someone else’s business?

How about resolving to get that much-needed checkup from the neck up?

How about being resolved to understanding someone before you comment on their issues?

How about resolving to keep your mouth shut?

How about resolving to learning something new vs being stagnant in the Knowledge you possess?


Sheesh I can go on for days.  Understand there is no time like the present. It takes up to two weeks to make something a habit. Whatever you are resolving to do, let’s start today.


Until I write again

Maxine Brothers


Ps. Not everyone is sensitive. Either they have a how dare you complex or your delivery needs to be checked.

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