Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020


Let’s try to act like we got our stuff together.



      1. Rent is due today. Pay it

2. Car note/ car insurance will be due soon.

3.  Don’t expect no one to feed your household. But if you get food stamps don’t sell none. That’s for your house.

4. Stop beefing with folk you can’t confront.  It’s useless and you’re the only one bitter.

5. If he/ she ain’t lying beside you tonight and it’s not because they are at work, let that go. We are leaving wondering where we stand in someone’s life in the last decade.

6.Say what you mean and mean what you say. Even if it’s, I love you but this ain’t right.

7.Mind your business.

8.Mind your business.

9.Mind your business.

10. Just because you care doesn’t mean it’s your business. Understanding that it’s a time and place for intervening.


Love is love and we never want not to not show our love but if you can say it more than you do now, at least people will know in word


If you have growing children or even grown children, get some life insurance. Family is not what they use to be. Don’t leave your children struggling to pay for your sudden death. YOUR relatives are not going to help.


That’s all that I have for tonight/ this morning.


Have a great 2020


Until I write again.

Maxine Brothers


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