Covid-19 3/14

Covid-19 3/14

Be safe


COVID-19 or Coronavirus, has us all on pins and needles. With that being said how serious you take this pandemic is on you.  Heed the warning signs or not,only you can control your level of exposure to this illness. 


If you think this is a “ploy by the man” to control the outcome of spending and the results of the up and coming election, so be it. You have every right to act or not.  Belittling someone because they’re taking this situation more seriously or less than you choose, Is none of your business. Mind your business and take care of yours.


What I will say, People are crazy. You should prepare for how you will act if this pandemic is going to turn into a localized war of some sorts. They say you don’t have to get ready if you are already ready.  Take some time. Take some steps. Make a plan or plan to fail.


You all are in my constant prayers.


Until I write again,


Maxine Brothers


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