Cuppa Joe 6/4

Cuppa Joe 6/4

Nobody will know what’s in your fridge, but they will know when your stuff is out on the street. You have no business spending money robbing Peter to pay Paul, if it’s not to keep a roof over your head, the utilities on and food in your fridge.

“But Miss Maxine, I need to wash clothes. ,”

Baby before there was a laundromat and at home washer and dryer systems, we washed our clothes in the tub and hung them out.

Save the excuses. There’s always a way to do what we need to do without our business being put out there.

My point is, don’t risk your livelihood trying to keep up with the Jones. It’s not worth it.

Take care of your household and save for the hustle If you must do it.

Until I write again

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