On Turning

On Turning

On Turning 41,

Someone asked me, What would I tell my 20-something self? 

1. Do it now. There were so many things I regret not doing,now that I don’t have the ability or the capacity to do so. She (me) was bright, had a capacity to learn and could almost do anything.  

2. Instead of letting everyone and anyone use you, you use what you know to teach. 

3. Not everyone you help needs help from you specifically. Nor will they appreciate or return the favor. 

4. Get the help you know you need. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sooner is better than later 

5. Don’t Play dumb. That’s unattractive.

6. Don’t worry about the men. They come and go. You are worth way more than a notch in the bed.

7. Stop trying. You will only hurt your own feelings. *

8. Chase your dreams. It’s okay. You can do that while you’re wide awake.

9. Self care is what you interpret it to be. All the make-up, hair weave, manicures and pedicures in the world won’t change how you see yourself inside.

10. The God you serve is no joke. Take him seriously, more than you take your nightmares.

So much has changed since my early 20’s. The biggest lesson I had to learn was. Live your life. No one can do that for you and others will judge you, out of fear.

Your life lessons, however they came to you doesn’t need to be shared with everyone.  Only a few will understand. Others will judge a lifetime they weren’t available for, nor would they survive.

It is not your job to save anyone while saving yourself.

*I can’t have what I want the most. Giving up and giving in is healthy when your sanity is threatened. 

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