Cupa Joe 7/20

Cupa Joe 7/20

Charlemagne the god said “Some people only hate you because of the way other people love you.” It’s true. You don’t have to do something to a person for them to hate you. You can be a beautiful soul living in your own lane unapologetically not causing issues for no one but they still hate you because you are unconcerned.


What do you do? Keep up the excellent work. Pat yourself on the back and move on. A persons opinion of you has nothing to do with you. Their vision needs to be checked. They may need a check up from the neck up or they just need to mind their business.  None of it is your problem.


*sn If more than 1 person feels independently, the same way about you, there may need to be some re-evaluation.


I was once told, “The meaning of life is for your life to have meaning.”


Until I write again.

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