Fix You

Fix You

Today’s Cuppa Joe  Is dedicated to choosing self.


The only way you can care for others and keep a sense of self is to choose you first. I write a lot about accepting that you are the hero in most stories.  You can Juggle your Kids and Theirs. You feed a nation and you do it staying cute… But what about you? What about you, Your Fault in this is that you chose someone else over you. Stop!!!


Your empty hands/ pockets are because you help everyone that says they need help. 1. Some people request help because they want someone else to do the work. 2. Their surplus of dysfunction keeps them from doing things in a timely fashion.

  1. They Just don’t want to…..

None of that is of  your concern…


You having more than others mean you Either inherited more or you work/ed for what you have. You are not selfish for not sharing. You are preserving self.


Fixing your problems is up to you. No one can make you happy or sad. Those emotions are a choice. Loss of a person can upset you but that person, Nor any other person can change your emotion.

Fix you.



Until I write again,

Maxine Brothers


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