You Are Surviving

You Are Surviving

Your survival rate is at 100%- Steve Harvey

You made it to this day. You made it through the storm. You made it through whatever was trying to kill you physically, mentally, emotionally and yes spiritually. You are a survivor!!!

You may say that this is too much for you to bear, but you are doing it. You are doing while surviving a pandemic, racial injustice, poverty, crime and dealing with lackluster relatives.
You got this. Every breath you continue to take, every step you make, you are Surviving. You are doing a great job!!!

“Can’t no hoe stop your show.”- Author unknown.

The above quote sounds vulgar, but if you really think about it, the “hoe” in question is anything or anyone getting your way. Ponder on that for a moment. Now shake it off and get moving.

Here’s a virtual pat on the back. You got this.

Until I write again,


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