Can’t Change Them

Can’t Change Them

You can’t require change in a situation you accepted.
Some people will never be what you expect. That is free will. People grow and change when and how they want to. If who they are is intolerable to you, either you accept what is or move on. Making someone change because they love you or are dedicated to you is manipulation. Again, if they don’t see change is necessary, either accept it or move on.

See potential in him/her? Great!!! They still have to want change. You are just a mortal being. Even God allows everyone to decide what’s best for them. You will just have to deal with the consequences later.

They say if you knew better you’d do better. I say knowledge is just the conduit to doing better. The want to, is the active force behind it. Stop wasting your time. Change your life and you do better.

Be the change you want to see- Mahatma Gandhi

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