Name calling Cuppa Joe 10/15

Name calling Cuppa Joe 10/15

How someone defines you means nothing.

What I mean, those adjectives that describe someone unsavory or has a negative connotation behind it, only means something to the person using those adjectives. They may have been trying to control you or a situation and they can’t. Out of frustration, they called you everything but a child of God.

I have been there, even to go as far as acting out whatever derogatory name I was called. Maturing will help you see that, that behavior does not =grown. On being “Grown”, you do not have to play the game. You don’t have to respond to someone’s insolence with the put you in your place cuss out. You consider yourself grown and developed from those adjectives, consider reacting differently.

P.S. Who you used to be is a closed chapter in your book. No one needs to know beforehand that you know how to get someone featured on an episode of disappeared. That is your wild card. A card you hope to never have to use, but a card.

Let people say what they want. When others get to know you, they will figure that how that other person feels is just their experience with you.

I am whatever you say I am, otherwise why would you say I am.-Marshal Mathers
To me it means to let people think what they want. It means nothing.

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