Get Checked

Get Checked

Time for a check up. For some of us it’s physical, some it’s mental and even some spiritual. You have lived with your body, mind and spirit all your lives so you know when something is not right. At the stage/age you became adult/grown, it became your responsibility to take care of you. Mother and Father did their best to provide for you, according to their knowledge

Like I said, now it’s your turn.

Physically: Like clockwork you should get checked out. If however something doesn’t feel right in between time, check it out. Fear of the unknown should be your motivator.

Mentally: I can understand if you have always been a lol off, not recognizing the changes in your thought pattern but if you have been living among the “sane” and you notice things aren’t what the used to be, time for the check up from the neck up.

Spiritually: It is your job to be reconciled to your God. What you believe is up to you to make sure it’s a sound healthy belief.

These three work together for a healthier you.

No one can take better care of you than you can take care of yourself.

Ask yourself, can I do better? We all can.

P.S. This is Breast Cancer awareness month. Please ladies get checked out before it is too late.

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