Do It Now!!!

Do It Now!!!

Do It Now


This is the time of year, everyone thinks about New year’s resolutions. 90% of New Year’s resolutions never make it past January.  Why is that? Most cannot make their new thing a habit.

 It takes 90 days to make a new habit stick. Unless it’s drugs, then some of those habits are from the first puff. And I digress. Every other habit, eating well, exercising, studying and even cleaning, needs to become a constant habit that needs to be worked at.

Start with a plan/ schedule.  My generation (40+ crew) and the ones behind me, we do nothing our parents did, the way they did. Going to the doctors annually, planning anything and even teaching the next generation what we know.  I heard this is a public discourse, some years ago. Proper planning prevents poor performance.-AU That means to make anything work, there must be a plan of attack.

To my point,  let’s not procrastinate. Do It Now!!! Even if it’s just planning for your start date. Buy your supplies. Write a dialog about what your plan is and even put it in your schedule to daily and maybe hourly work on your goal. If you need an accountability team form one. Whatever goal you are trying to achieve, start today.

Change only happens when you change- AU

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