Let It go

Let It go

You will never know how strong you are until you accept an apology that you have and will never receive.- Author Unknown.

Forgiveness is stronger than the apology, you think you need.   The issue with holding on to a time, you are the only one there. Someone accosted you? They have moved on from that moment. Why didn’t you? 

That person is not thinking about you or anyone that was affected by what that person did. Let it go.  Matter of fact let go and let God.  

I know what you all are saying, but Maxine, It’s not that easy. Isn’t it? You don’t have to be around that person. You don’t have to do anything for that person. Why can’t you erase that person?  

Let what happened change how you move. Not who you are.  Did you learn what type of people not to trust or let in your home? Did you learn that at certain hours of the day you shouldn’t be traveling alone? Did you learn to lock your doors and close your windows?  This lesson was no blessing, but what it is, it lets you know that some prey on others’ vulnerabilities and that you need to be more aware.

Forgiving that person has nothing to do with, saying I forgive you to that person. It has everything to do with speaking forgiveness and getting the help necessary to walk away.

Forgiving someone does not mean dropping any charges that the person may accrue from hurting you. Nor does it mean not alerting the authorities if necessary. 

Forgiveness is the release.  You can let go. You can move on. You can accept the apology you will never receive.

I am not a professional. I have to remind myself daily what I am working on in that area of letting go. 


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  1. Ang. Your writing about forgiveness is very creative in describing how it feels to forgive, especially from the heart, Jehovah tells us even if we weren’t the offender the point is to bring peace and to let go and more forward before satan comes in and make things worse than it was b4. Keep writing Ang. I love your writing just wanted to keep reading but it ended. 😊👍❤

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