Letting Insanity GO

Letting Insanity GO

Letting insanity go.


Insanity= doing the same thing and expecting different results. I have been insane for a long time for relationships, friendships….. 


I know you all will say you big dummy but I know I’m not the only one that has allowed a slick talking know nothing at all to get away with what they said for you to chalk it up to ignorance. When they should have been left right where they stood. Go ahead nod your head. 


Ever had a “friend” cross the line but you forgave them? How many times did they cross you before you gave up? Wake up common sense ain’t so common is a lie. People don’t use it because we let them get away with their idiosyncratic notions.

Let’s stop. I’m not saying bust people in the 👄 well not with your ✋ at least, maybe with a dose or two of truth. 


You don’t have to take anyone’s nonsense. Especially when you are dealing with adults. I didn’t say grown folk because being an adult and being grown is two different things. That’s another note. So to end this let’s stop the Shenanigans. You don’t have to deal with it nor do you have time for it. Let it go!!!


Until I write again.

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