I’m such a supportive friend. #toottoot

There are only 4 reasons I won’t support your agenda.
1. It is against God.
2. I’m going to look stupid.
3. You have proved yourself a thief and a liar.
4. The support is only one way.

Business and Friends/ Family don’t mix. Everyone wants to be a chief but is not mentally or emotionally capable of managing Indians.

No, I’m not ever going to put money into your pyramid business. No, I’m not going to buy your product that I most likely can’t use cause I’m probably allergic. No, I can’t buy the diet pills or cellulite creams my system too sensitive.

I will show up when necessary. I will bring food and give rides. I will be a shoulder to cry on. The person that will pray for you. The person who will say no sis/bro we not doing that. I will support your emotional health/growth.

But what I won’t do? Lose myself, loving you.

Until I write again,

Maxine Brothers

2 Replies to “Support”

  1. That’s the best support to have! Any other thing will be forced and fake. I know that’s something you can’t be.

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