Accepting What Is

Accepting What Is

Accepting that you have an illness is half of the cure-George Washington Sr.


This topic came about while I was being commended for how I handle my sicknesses.  I have Multiple sclerosis, Fibromayalgia and  I’m being screened for Rheumatoid arthritis.

I was speaking to a young man of 80 or so and he thought to tell me he admired me for how positive I am.  I wanted to tell him he should see what goes on in my head. Instead I told him I was also crazy and that this was my coping mechanism.  Seriously it’s my faith base, the fact that My grandmothers aint raise no punk and i’m the youngest of four with me being the only girl.


Still I guess I could be downtrodden and weepy but that has never been me. I have always accepted what was, never worried about what wasn’t and have always prayed for what will be.


Don’t get it twisted, Positive penny has her days when she can’t pour into anyone’s cup because hers is more than half the way empty.  I choose not to let others see it. I

 Feel that allowing people to see me down will cause them to be down.  I know that showing my weaker side will allow them to help me. Showing my weaker side will allow for someone else to do the uplifting. I’m working on it. Back to the topic.


Having an illness whether going to be sick for the rest of your life, there is a cure, or you will die, all have two things in common. 1 You have an illness. 2. You have to come to terms with what this illness will do to your life.


Accepting this regardless of where it will lead you is the hardest.  What may be, can leave you stagnant. This is the wrong way to go. I hate  when people say You only have….. Now Get over it!! 1. There will always be an idiot to say  something like that. 2. There will always be someone who has never been through anything trying to tell you how to get through what you are going through.  Ignore the idiot in the back. Unless these are medical professionals, They don’t have textbooks to help you. Also you have lived in your body for however long, so even the medical professionals can get it wrong.  Become your biggest advocate. If the medicine is worse than the illness, think about changing medicines or even doctors.


Accept what is for a time, prepare for the possibilities, Make the necessary changes. Understanding while you may be the first in your family to have this illness, you are not the first in the world.  With that being said you may have to find support for what you are going through. Google is a good search engine.


I hope I wasn’t too long winded. I just had more to say than usual.


Until I write again,

Maxine Brothers

10 Replies to “Accepting What Is”

      1. Hey Maxine, I love your wise words, and don’t wanna seem demanding, but I haven’t seen your wise words for what feels like a long time. So, I look forward to seeing them again when you get the time to post them.
        See ya soon,

  1. I enjoyed your expressions. I can truly understand the experience. I have an autoimmune disease also and it has been something I’ve had to make large adjustments to cope with. People often say dumb remarks that I often ignore. I hope that your words can help others to better understand.

  2. Enjoyed this… God got you my friend on those rough days lean on Him!!! “Be Blessed and continue to be a Blessing “ ~ Mick

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