Cuppa Joe 5/12

Cuppa Joe 5/12

Today’s Cuppa Joe Is dedicated to MINDING your business.

More importantly, not being interested in and spreading the tea. If somebody else’s business is not making you wiser, more stable or richer, it is not worth the conversation.

They say there are three sides to a story. what he says happened, what she said happened and what really happened. If it does not include you in those 3 factors, what you heard is tantamount to gossip.

Someone’s misery or use-to-be, is just that. The past.
Jay- Once said β€œ What you eat, don’t make me &***” That is the level of un-concerned we should all be at.

A good story is always great for entertainment but unless it’s your story and you have all the facts, not the perceived facts keep your mouth shut.

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