“Team work makes the dream work.” or really?

“Team work makes the dream work.” or really?

“ Team work makes the dream work”


The aforementioned  statement  is everything.  We All hope for  a team we can depend on.The problem is, everyone wants a team but not not everyone knows how to be teammates. No one understands that before you ever form a team, you have to be your own team  member, captain and coach.  Yes you have to navigate what you are trying to accomplish  before you ever add teammates.

Just because you are related to someone, whether Related by blood or in faith does not make them suited to  be on your team. Your team should comprise people of like mind competent in certain areas and who want to see you succeed. To add not all of your social circle should be on your dream team. Certain friends, While we always want to see them eat, are not meant to go every place you go. Ex I have a few friends that every time I go to certain places, I take them along because they can navigate tense situations without things escalating. I know If I took pookie and Junebug The cops may get called…

So every situation calls for different tea m members. The key is knowing your team.  Adding Members haphazardly will cause the dream to become a nightmare. Be selective!!!   

My hope for everyone, that we all can get to our goals unscathed. Our circle can be a detriment. Take your time, make your plans and for my prayer warriors, Pray about it.


Until I write again

Maxine Brothers

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