On Shooting Your Shot..

On Shooting Your Shot..



I have been hearing “Shoot Your Shot” a lot, used in different aspects of life.


It means to take a chance.


There  is nothing wrong with taking a chance. Might I add that you need to be prepared to receive what you are after in totality.  Ex. You go to your boss and ask for a raise and promotion. You get it. But, were you ready for the good and the bad that comes with this position, responsibilities for the people  under you, how now in your new position you have to work longer hours, which now takes you away from your family more?


Think things through before you try to jump on to a moving train. Take your time. Taking your time does not mean waste your time. It means study up what’s necessary. Write down what questions need to be asked


Remember you get what you pay for. If you didn’t have to do any work, shell out any money to get what you want,it may not be worth the hassle.


Enjoy the rest of your day





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