Are you done or are you finished?

Are you done or are you finished?





If your current situation is not finished, Moving on to the next situation is wrong. 




Married =Married

Separated = Married

Mad at your mate =Still Married

Think your mate is cheating = still married

Single = Single. Even if you are not available. That’s a discussion for another day.

You are married until you receive that final divorce decree.

Finding someone new to get under while you are getting over your last relationship is Wrong!!!!  As much as you think this is ok, you are playing with someones’ feelings. It isn’t over until it’s over.


This is true for most situationships. Ie that person you use to be friends with, y’all not friends anymore because of them not being “loyal”. If it’s over why do you still mention them to other people? How come you still get mad when you see them?  It’s not over… So talking to people about them is wrong. Even if you are over it, it is still wrong because what they did or didn’t do may not be a habit. 

It may be the situation….

Get over what’s ailing you before you blindly create other situations that you can’t just walk away from.

That’s all That I have for today.

Have a great day filled with purpose, on purpose.

Until I write again,





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