On Alphas

On Alphas

Let’s talk about Alphas.  


Alpha personality traits are a selection of characteristics that include: A strong sense of self determination, conviction in beliefs, ambition and the desire to work hard.


What an Alpha is not. Controlling, Rude, Disrespectful, or pressed to prove that they are an Alpha.


An Alpha male or female does not have to mention that they are an Alpha. Their every action smells of being an Alpha.


Those pretending to be alphas are toxic people who think it’s everyone else’s problem that they have to control and belittle others so that they can feel on top. Most pretending to be Alphas couldn’t lead themselves out of a paper bag.


We also call the pretend Alphas, Narcissists. 


An Alpha personality knows when and how to act according to the situation that’s being presented.


Whether you are or are not dealing with real or fake Alphas is as simple as standing aside and watching how they move. You don’t have to agree or disagree with their behavior. Take your leave if necessary and move on. Your life and sanity are in your control.



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