On Taking Breaks

On Taking Breaks

On taking breaks. 


You can take a break. What you do when you’re taking a break reveals your motives. 


Case in point. You take a break from your lifestyle change/diet whatever. Are you being a little less regimented, or are you on a seafood diet? All the food you see, you are going to eat… In either case, you are at fault for the results. 

 Are you taking a break from God and religion or is it demon time? *see below. I am a believer. I believe you can’t truly take a break from how you worship, but sometimes we see and hear things that make you take a pause and quietly pray and work through your issues with things not fully being on go. I get it. I’m also sure God understands and will forgive you for becoming stagnant. If you come back. If you are leaving your beliefs behind to act like a neanderthal and do things you know in your heart would be against God, then there you go..

Are you dating someone that you truly love and want a break for some evaluation time to decide if this is what/who you want? Or do you want to see if anything out there is better? What if babies come out of this “break”? Do you expect your partner to be okay with this because “you were on a break?” Are you okay with that same action?


What you do on a break determines what the real motivation behind your break is.  Be honest with yourself and all other parties. Giving all parties involved a chance to make an informed decision.


Please understand for every action there is a reaction and subsequently a chain of events. 


*Demon Time meaning. Anytime of the night past 11pm. A time of pure foolery. When the F boys come out to play. People’s feelings are not considered. An individual may say some out-of-pocket stuff. “You can be on demon time for anything, like being on demon time with the sex. You can be on demon time with, I mean anything”-Fivio Foreign.- urban dictionary 

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